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Med BioGene licensee to begin GeneFX logistics in Q1
Ticker Symbol: C:MBI

Med BioGene licensee to begin GeneFX logistics in Q1

Med BioGene Inc (C:MBI)
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Tuesday December 15 2015 - News Release

Mr. Iain Weir-Jones reports

Med BioGene Inc. has confirmed that its licensee, Helomics, has advised the company that logistical procedures necessary for the first commercial application of GeneFX Lung will commence in the first quarter of 2016.
MBI and Helomics(TM) have been in frequent and active discussions over the past several months as Helomics(TM) continued to move towards the commercialization of MBI's GeneFX Lungtrademark diagnostic test. As reported earlier in the year, a variety of go-to-market strategies are being pursued concurrently, with the expectation that a diversified approach will yield faster and larger overall returns. Shareholders should be confident that MBI's approach of minimizing overhead and the personal investments by management and the Directors, are indicative of the Company's overall confidence in its prospects.

During Q1 2016 Helomics(TM) will implement the logistical steps necessary to enable the first health care provider to commence shipping biopsy specimens to the Helomics(TM) CLIA approved laboratory in Pittsburgh. The first commercial test specimens are expected to be available for analysis in Pittsburgh in Q2 2016. This will constitute the initial phase of commercialization as defined in the April 2011 Commercialization Agreement between MBI and Precision Therapeutics, Helomics(TM) predecessor.
In addition to this commercial pre-market access agreement Helomics(TM) anticipates announcing that a second major US health care provider has approved the use of the GeneFX Lungtrademark diagnostic test for its members. The logistical requirements for the commencement of commercial testing for this provider will start in Q2 2016.

For reasons of commercial confidentiality the specific details of the Helomics(TM) agreements relating to the adoption of the GeneFX Lungtrademark test will not be released until the pre-launch period via press release by Helomics. Given the success of Helomics(TM) diligent marketing activities of the GeneFX Lungtrademark test in a difficult regulatory climate, we hope that the milestones announced previously will be reached before the end of 2016.

We wish all our shareholders a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year; and thank them for their support over the last sixteen months.

We seek Safe Harbor.

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