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Status Update Precision Therapeutics Inc. to Med Biogene Inc.
Oct 02, 2014

On September 17th the senior personnel from Precision Therapeutics Inc. responsible for the development and management of the GeneFx® Lung product made a presentation to the MBI Directors and Management. This summarized the work PTI has done to date and their current tasks.

The Directors of MBI requested that permission be granted to make this material available to shareholders, and this was granted by PTI on September 29th. The PTI presentation is reproduced here so that MBI shareholders are fully aware of the current state of the GeneFx® Lung commercialization process. Particular note should be paid to Slides #10 and #11, these refer to “Clinical Utility Data” which is the increasingly important trend within the Health Care Sector of ensuring that test procedures yield a tangible benefit and are cost effective. PTI is currently focused on proving Clinical Utility Data to the relevant parties within the oncological and insurance communities.

As additional information becomes available to MBI regarding the progress of the approval and commercialization process  it will be posted on this website.

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